So as we at Quinn & Wilson, Inc. Realtors prepare to celebrate our One year anniversary in our new location and the upcoming Spring Real Estate Market, I wanted to talk about the 3 things that affect the sale of your home.  Location, Condition and Price.  

Starting off with Location.  It goes without saying there really isn’t anything you can do about changing the location.  But it is wise to appreciate ahead of time how your location affects the sale of your home and the true value of homes sold near to you. 

Now for the Condition of your home. There is always something you can do to make your house more desirable than the other homes for sale.  Are you thinking of selling and wondering what upgrades would make sense for you monetarily?  I will come take a complete tour of your home. This allows me to give you professional advice on what you should do and what things can be left the way they are. Sometimes just de-cluttering, cleaning and sprucing up the rooms will be enough.  Paint goes a long way. Don’t forget about the Curb Appeal. Whether these are large or small hurdles, I have a large network of contractors that can help you if needed.

Last but certainly not least, setting the Price can be tricky.  Your best strategy is to work with a Realtor such as me, who will search comparable homes that have sold in your neighborhood most recently. It’s very important to find an agent that knows your area.   All too often people make the mistake of working with an agent that doesn’t know the first thing about the town you live in or what it has to offer a new buyer. Now let’s talk about money.  You don’t want to overprice your house, yet you definitely shouldn’t undervalue it.  Many consumers are taken in by the “Zestimate” they see online.  Be aware that these prices come from a company that has never been inside your home.  You may have upgrades they are not aware of. They don’t know if the condition is above average or not.  It’s like asking a Buyer to purchase your home without seeing the inside of it.   I’m interested in seeing your home and giving you the proper advice on preparing it so you get the most money for it.  After all, your Success is my Success. Don’t wait to call me, the Spring Market is coming fast and the Buyers are already out there looking.