With so many people doing their initial home searches online, the first impression of your listing has to make an impact.  The photos of your home are the most important part of that.  At Quinn & Wilson, Inc. we always pay a Professional Photographer.  Our photographers not only take the photos, they also stage your rooms when needed, clear counters and dressers, get the best angle and of course use the best possible lighting. 

This is not to say that you as a Seller don’t have to do some work too.  Take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of the things you don’t use. This will make your move easier too. Clear the decks.  Make your home sparkle.

Did you know that homes with Professional photos sell faster than the ones that don’t?  Well now you do.  Don’t let a Realtor tell you that it is not necessary to have a Professional.  Many times you only get one chance to entice a buyer to come look at your home for sale. Don’t risk them passing you by.