Selling Residential Real Estate is a tricky business filled with many legal documents and deadlines to meet. At times it can be very challenging for buyers and sellers to stay calm and not “crack” under the pressure the current market presents. Understandingly so, we are all only human. It’s no secret there are many Realtors in this profession. All of us working for the same goal, but at times we operate very differently.  

I have friends who work in the Medical field and I find myself asking them, “how do you do it?”  Many tell me they treat their patients like they were a member of their own family. I feel the same way about my customers. I want them to know I am on their side, representing their best interests and caring about the outcome. I like to continue my relationship with them long after Settlement. 

It’s funny, I recently texted a client of mine that moved to Oregon right after he sold his home. I was curious about how he was making out. He right away mentioned something to me about not worrying, because he would give my name out to anyone he knew back here that could use a good Realtor. Of course I always appreciate a referral, but I was genuinely interested in his well being! 

I am not being presumptuous when I say, many times after settlement people never hear from their Realtor again. Not me, I love to follow up on what you have done to your new home, or where you are traveling in the World, etc. I also share a piece of my life with my clients. To me that is just keeping it real. Being the successful realtor I am, I work long hours, day and late into the night, holidays, and many weekends. I couldn’t do what I do if there was not a human side of my job that brings me and my clients great joy.

Hence, my mantra is Realtor with a Heart.